A few days with swans in Skradin

October 26, 2016

Skradin is a small town perfectly tucked away from the coast but close enough to reach it from bigger towns such as Šibenik and Zadar.  Situated on the river mouth of river Krka, it is a popular destination for yachts and sail boats coming from the Adriatic sea. Skradin ACI marina is normally quite sheltered, even in winter time. Unfortunately for us, three out of four days we spent in this cute town, strong Dalmatian wind bura accompanied us on our vacation.

We were invited to Skradin to check out our friends’ holiday house, Villa Scardona, and we were officially the first guests. This gorgeous house is situated on a small hill, overlooking the old town, the bay and the bridge on the main coastal road. It was a perfect spot for us, because we could just stay there and enjoy the view if we didn’t feel like going to town, some 10 minutes away by foot. Every morning at 7am, local kids would gather at a soccer field below for a training. Besides that, all we could hear was the church bell, neighbour’s dog and the wind.

Skradin old town is a maze of narrow streets and steps up and down the hill but you can’t really get lost. It’s simply too small. While wandering around Thane was on a mission to eat all the grapes and figs he could find. On the top of the town lies an medieval fortress Turin from where we got the best view of the town and the surrounding. Skradin is not much of a beach town and there are only two spots for the swimmers. The mix of river and salt water creates a bit different environment and therefore a whole population of swans inhabits this area. They are not timid at all, and they’ll come close to you even when you’re swimming. We didn’t spend much time on the beach as the weather interfered with our beach plans, so instead we explored the cafes and restaurants in town. Their menus are all quite similar, but the one we picked as best was restaurant called Zlatne Školjke ( Croatian for ”golden shell” ).

The main attraction however, is the National Park Krka, a half an hour boat ride from Skradin. Find out more in the next post!

P.S. we had a bad fortune with wind for a few days but it’s not a common thing in the summer, so don’t let that stop you from visiting this area

Skradin: 3800 people

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