Why we want to share our journey

October 22, 2016

The idea to document our travels came at the end of last year. We were still at the beginning of our relationship but we knew that our common passions and interests are gonna keep us together for a long time. Travelling is a part of our jobs but also a part of our personality. As we spoke about future goals, we decided we’d like to have the freedom to explore the world no matter what job we’d have one day or how many children we’d make.

It all started with Instagram. We would put a picture on here and there starting with some memories from Malta and Croatia, and then travelling to Morocco, Namibia, Cape Town… Social media is an afterthought, for us it’s all about the real experience – living in the moment, taking beautiful photographs for our personal memories, making videos so we can laugh one day at ourselves, and then sharing it with the world. We’re so old school that we even print the photos and put them in the album.

So why do we share? Thane and I both believe that experiences and memories are worth more than any wealth one can accumulate during the life time. And because not everyone gets the opportunity to travel at least we can describe what some places were like or what something felt like. For those who do travel, hopefully our blog gives you a perspective of a places we visit and inspires you to go there. We don’t want to be a travel-guidebook-kind-of-blog, we also use Wikitravel, TripAdvisor, Airbnb and all those online tools to help with one’s trip. The rule is we will write only about the things we actually do, see and experience with our own five senses.

We also share our experiences in order to make connections with people around the world and to raise awareness about the ones in need. Hopefully, we’d like to reach a level where travelling is not only for personal pleasure but where we could combine together an interesting trip and a worthy cause.

Let’s start this blog!

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  • Reply Milan Jovanović April 23, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    Dragi Marija i Thane,
    Divan par, divna filozofija života. Ja sam samo malo stariji od tebe Marija, ali savršeno razumem o čemu govoriš. Veliki pozdrav iz Lisabona, pa se javite ako nekada budete u prolazu. Bilo bi mi veoma drago da negde popijemo kafu.
    Svako dobro,

    • Reply Marija Piskac June 14, 2017 at 7:53 pm

      Bok Milane hvala ti na lijepim rijecima. Lisabon je definitivno na listi pa se nadam da se vidimo. Puno pozdrava

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