The Perfect World Foundation

November 28, 2016

I first heard about TPWF when I met my friend Camilla back in 2013. She is as a hair and make up artist but her real passion are animals. So when she asked me if I’d participate in a fashion shoot where I would be transformed into a rhino I didn’t hesitate for a moment. The photograph ended up making over 6000 € at a Rhino Gala by the TPWF in Sweden in 2014. This year for example, at the latest Gala over 300 000€ was raised. Many photographers and fashion designers contribute their work each year to raise awareness and funds for the animal conservation.

The Perfect World Foundation is a Scandinavian based independent non-profit organisation established in 2010 to raise awareness, funding, and to take action together with animal and nature conservation projects around the world. To be engaged with the organisation you don’t need to be perfect but have the ambition to create small changes for a better world.

Photography – Kassandra Bruni ( )

Make up and hair – Camilla Jonsson ( )

Art work – Ana Kuni ( )

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