Mali dom – Small Home

February 1, 2017

Mali dom ( Croatian for ‘small home’ ) is a special organisation run by a charismatic Franciscan priest Miro Babić ( originally from Croatia but fluent in Swahili ). It is a charity running in Lower Subukia area, a few hours north from Nairobi, Kenya. Small Home and Miro are well known to Croatian public. Together they have improved the lives of the whole community in Lower Subukia. I had an opportunity to volunteer there for a few weeks back in early 2015. It’s a place where one could stay for months – you forget about everyday stress from your busy life back home, work, phone or luxuries. Life here is more basic and more clean – we eat local food, we rarely have wifi, no TV, just kids to play with, books to read and help around the orphanage and the house. The kids are absolutely wonderful and it’s amazing to see how they take care of each other, making sure everyone gets their plate of food, brushes their teeth or gets the candy when the volunteers arrive.

Small Home organisation supports the children in need in their orphanage, runs a health care for the community, a secondary school for impoverished children, takes care of the elderly without family and pretty much everyone in sight who needs help.

Check the Youtube video for a glimpse of the life in Kenya:

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