How we descovered the best breakfast ever

April 16, 2017

Some of you may have seen our recent post on Instagram picturing a stack of pancakes and berries. We normally don’t post food, but trust me, we are big foodies. In this post I’d like to share the recipe and explain how we got to know it.

Two months ago we met a friend in Cape Town who we call a ‘health guru’ and learned about a genetic analysis of one’s DNA. The aim of the analysis is to give an idea how your individual genomes respond to food, exercise and the environment. During this interesting process, I found out my genome for gluten intolerance is hyperactive. Hence, I should stay away from all those yummy pastries, pasta, breads and many more. Although I don’t have any bad symptoms at the moment, my genome is likely to respond negatively in the future.

As we set to alter our diet to suit our DNA better, the biggest challenge was giving up morning meal of oats. After painful two weeks of extreme eggs intake I couldn’t stand another savory breakfast ( the test also showed both of us have a sweet tooth, something we already knew). Then our health guru James saved us by sharing this amazing recipe for gluten free pancakes made with almond flour and lots of goodness. Here it is for everyone to try and enjoy!

Fluffy Little Almond Flour Pancakes (GF, DF Option)


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