How to hop through Europe

November 25, 2016

Now that we shared our stories from the summer travels, we’d just like to give some tips on how we did it. We visited seven countries in a month, staying the longest in Croatia ( 13 days ). Some places like Vienna and Barcelona we only saw for a day but still had some memorable experiences. We hopped through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Italy, Greece and Spain.

12 tips we use:

  • TIMING – travelling through Europe is best just before school finishes in June or right after it starts in September – it is the best time to avoid the crowds and the weather is still amazing
  • PRICE – tip above makes accommodation and flights more affordable
  • FLIGHT OPTIONS – look for flights to and from various countries/multiple stops and then make your pick
  • ON GROUND TRANSPORTATION – plan your trip including flights and ground transport! Europe has amazing bus and train network – use it!
  • FOCUS – pick the focus point of your destination/holiday and then plan the rest around it. Like we did with mount Etna in Sicily, everything else was a bonus
  • PACK light! Less bags you carry the easier your adventure is
  • AVOID any type of resorts ( at least if you’re not traveling with kids ) and find your accommodation as local as you can
  • MEET locals and get tips from them on what to see, when to see it and MOST IMPORTANTLY where to eat
  • RESEARCH on the go! We often checked what to do in a place only when we got there. Sometimes due to the lack of wifi, sometimes because we wanted to be spontaneous. Example – don’t worry if you don’t visit every church in Rome, it will be there on your next visit
  • EXPERIENCE the local culture as much as you can – Europe is so rich in history and culture so don’t miss on it! Small towns are sometimes more pleasant and memorable than big touristy places
  • RELAX – you will be tired if hopping too much so purposely book a destination where you can just chill. Best towards the end of your trip, like we did in Santorini
  • MEMORISE – live the moments and take less pictures than you think you need. Print the best ones when you get home and reminisce on the wonderful time you had. Enjoy every second of it!


Marija & Thane

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