Awareness – because we should all care more

October 22, 2016

Under our Awareness category we want to list some causes we personally support. Because there is no magic spell to fix all the bad things, we believe that this world can be even more beautiful if we all do at least a little effort and help the ones in need – people, animals or this planet itself. Charity is a philosophy, you don’t necessarily have to give money but give something you can, either old clothes or a helping hand. And please be aware with your natural resources.If you have the ability to read this on your phone or your computer, you already live better off than most of the worlds’ population.

We try to do our part by giving away things we don’t need or by donating money and getting personally involved. We are open to possibility of raising awareness on our travels so feel free to contact us if you’re running an NGO project and would like us to get involved.

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