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At the end of the road – El Cuyo, Mexico

August 6, 2017

El Cuyo was a last stop on our Mexico trip. After Riviera Maya and exploring the Yucatan we wanted a remote quiet place to do almost nothing. A small fishermen village at the end of the road seemed just the right kind of place. The same evening we arrived, we realised just how quiet and remote El Cuyo was. Kids were playing on the main square and policemen were just casually sitting in front of their station. We were thinking, what could they possible have to do police here?

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Driving from Merida – on a hammock hunt – to Ek Balam

July 30, 2017

We were told in Merida by a few sellers that (all ) the Mexican hammocks are produced in a small town of Tixkokob. They would even proudly show their ID with place of birth Tixkokob but they were trying to persuade us from going there. In Merida and other touristy places like Cozumel or Playa del Carmen they up to 300USD for a finely detailed one. However, the desire to get a local made and not overpriced hammock for us was stronger. Tixkokob we will fiiiiind youuu!

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July 8, 2017

We visited Merida at the very end of October 2016 hoping to see some festivities preceding to the Day of the Dead ( Dia de Los Muertos ). To our surprise, by the time we finally arrived, all the parties were over and the city life was back to normal. Therefore, if you’re planning a Halloween in Merida make sure you check in advance their festivities calendar. Besides that, we immediately fell in love with the old colonial look of the city, its colourful houses and the street buzz.

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Impressions of Velassaru Maldives

June 11, 2017

Cape Town in a day – Table mountain, wine farm and a beach

April 18, 2017

In case you didn’t know a thing about Cape Town and its surrounds you’ll learn quick enough there is plenty to see and do, all in a close proximity. A two hour drive in any direction will have your environment change from urban to mountains, forest to semi-dessert and active to relaxed. This post is about how much can be done in just one day. The challenge we set to ourselves included our favourite attractions – mountain, wine farm and a beach – all in a chilled ‘capetownian’ way.

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The mother of all cities – CAPE TOWN

April 2, 2017

Nestled between the Table mountain range and the powerful Atlantic ocean lies the most spectacular city in the world – Cape Town. It is the oldest town in South Africa and also referred to as the ‘Mother City’.

Cape Town has become so popular in the last few years and with good reason. The city and its surrounding Western Cape offer so much variety – from sophisticated lifestyle to nature lovers or sports enthusiasts to culture junkies. There is literally bit of everything for everyone.

In the posts that will follow we will explore different parts of the city as well as some destinations around it. Hope it encourages you to visit this beautiful country.


Temozon Sur hacienda

February 12, 2017

I had watched to many Mexican telenovelas (soap operas) as a kid to pass up the chance of trying to stay at a hacienda style hotel or at least to visit one. It would have to be the latter. Before embarking on our trip to Mexico we did some research into spending a night but it just didn’t fit into our itinerary. However we still had the opportunity to visit one. As we mentioned, a hacienda is a lavish estate house. Think Antonio Banderas in Zorro. These large and expressive estates were run and owned by extremely wealthy families who had interests in farming, business and often politics as well. However, as we were to find out, many are connected to a very dark part of Mexican history. Namely, slavery. 

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Mali dom – Small Home

February 1, 2017

Mali dom ( Croatian for ‘small home’ ) is a special organisation run by a charismatic Franciscan priest Miro Babić ( originally from Croatia but fluent in Swahili ). It is a charity running in Lower Subukia area, a few hours north from Nairobi, Kenya. Small Home and Miro are well known to Croatian public. Together they have improved the lives of the whole community in Lower Subukia. I had an opportunity to volunteer there for a few weeks back in early 2015. It’s a place where one could stay for months – you forget about everyday stress from your busy life back home, work, phone or luxuries. Life here is more basic and more clean – we eat local food, we rarely have wifi, no TV, just kids to play with, books to read and help around the orphanage and the house. The kids are absolutely wonderful and it’s amazing to see how they take care of each other, making sure everyone gets their plate of food, brushes their teeth or gets the candy when the volunteers arrive.

Small Home organisation supports the children in need in their orphanage, runs a health care for the community, a secondary school for impoverished children, takes care of the elderly without family and pretty much everyone in sight who needs help.

Check the Youtube video for a glimpse of the life in Kenya:


Uxmal – the most impressive Mayan ruins

January 11, 2017

The Mayan city of Uxmal is a relatively unknown place among foreign travellers when compared to the more famous Chichen Itza, for example. Hidden deep in the jungle of  the Yucatan, one requires a bit more planning to get there, either by car or bus from Merida, 62 km away. Prior to our visit we had seen pictures of Uxmal online but could not imagine what it would be like in real life. Man, were we blown away!

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