About us


Who are Mary and Coco?

Some of you might know us as this travelling couple from Instagram, others know us simply as Marija and Thane. We share lot of common passions, and travel is probably the greatest one. That great that we often complain why work comes in the way of planning our trips. Lol.

But let’s start from the beginning…

Marija Piskač: I was born in 1985 in a country that no longer exists, Yugoslavia. My earliest childhood memories were so full of joy and life but interrupted to early by the darkness of the civil war. From then on, nothing was ever the same. Still my life continued in post-war Croatia, in a small seaside village on the Dalmatian coast. I grew up with two bigger brothers and I had to learn how to fight for my third of everything since the early age. From about the age of 10 I knew I’d live around the world. I always say it was the Sagittarius in me telling me to go. Where? Anywhere! But reality wasn’t that pink. It was very hard growing up in a run down country, and as a teenager finishing high school I didn’t see my future there. Modelling opportunity came along as I was getting into university and I took it! All of a sudden I was living in Japan, New York, London, surreal… It still remains one of the best decisions of my life. Not only that I travelled extensively, saved some cash and met amazing people ( including my partner in crime, Thane ) but it keeps on inspiring me to see, do and learn always more.

On the other side of the planet, a baby boy was born just a year and six days earlier…

Thane Williams: Yaa, I’m South African bru. I grew up in a small town of Hout Bay near Cape Town in the most beautiful surrounding possible. Ocean down the road, mountain up the road. At the same time Marija was experiencing the war, we had our own problems down south. Apartheid was coming to an end and it was bringing a lot of changes and insecurities for everyone. Luckily, it was a peaceful transition. I ignored school most of the time and swam professionally for many years. My mom forced me to do some modelling when I was a kid but I hated it. Little did i know that in my late twenties I’d fall back in that career again ( grin ). I did run my own business after uni and it went well for a while. But after 7 years of dealing with frozen food and many meltdowns – both literally and figuratively – I decided to sell and try this modelling thing. The rest is history! I met a gorgeous Croatian one day on a casting and decided to stalk her which actually worked out. Next thing I know I’m living in Europe and I’ve already been to more countries than I can count on my fingers. On my both hands.

Marija: It is sometimes very scary how similar we actually are, more in terms of things we don’t like. Peanut butter and horror movies on the top of the list for example. We are born in the same week, which has to explain a lot.

Thane: Yaa, Marija is a horoscope junkie. She bugged me for months to find out the exact time of my birth so she can analyse me even better. My little poo… She’s absolutely the best! I call her minister of finances, minister of planning, minister of anything important actually. I’m the donkey in the arrangement – I carry stuff.

Marija: That’s called ’Minister of Goods Transportation’. But let’s get a bit serious (between punching each other). We are currently based in London UK but call Cape Town real home. In between we try to travel either visiting friends around the world, attending their weddings or simple discovering things on our own. We have big dreams and like to be realistic about the world but approach it in a relaxed ( Sagittarius ) way. We just might achieve anything, right?

Thane: Absolutely! That’s why the idea of documenting our travels came to life. Hope our blog inspires you or at least amuses you. We appreciate any feedback, even the most silly comments are welcome. For now.

Marija: And one last thing, if you wonder why Mary & Coco names – Mary is how my best friend always calls me and I figured it’s more catchy than Maria with a ‘J’. Coco was Thane’s nickname from swimming days cos he’d tan so dark that he resembled… what exactly? chocolate? coconut? poo?

Thane: One of those things… you little…