Around Lombok island on a scooter

    November 29, 2017

    We chose to visit Lombok because it sounded different to the more popular destinations in Indonesia. The idea of going somewhere unusual always appeals to us, especially when its away from the crowds. We had arrived in Senggigi Lombok via a boat from Bali. Having spent a few days in Holiday Resort Lombok relaxing and recuperating from our long trip from Europe we were ready to explore the Island. Not much exists in terms of information on circumnavigating Lombok so we looked at a map and worked out rough route as best could. Some places to stay and towns to visit could be planned, others we would have to decide on the fly. We had no idea of road conditions or how long it would take to cover distances. We did read about somebody driving around the Island in a day, leaving early and returning at night. How or why you would do this is crazy so please don’t try it. You’ll miss all the cool stuff!

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